Something to Declare by Steve Slatter

Straight from the school gate, Carmencita accompanies Diaz to the airport. He smuggles her into the Mens’ Room. They make love against a bog-roll holder.

He rewards her with a line from his sex-stained fingers, before handing her a 500g package for export. He calls it anal for afters.

“Something to declare?”

Nothing but her lover’s condom fucking her chances.

Bio: Steve writes fiction because there has to be more to life than reality. His stories are generally hard-edged, but soft-centred. The ways in which characters touch, engage and react – those are the avenues that interest him. He lives in Hampshire, England with his wife and teenage son. They mean almost everything to him. They are his life’s concrete building blocks. Reading and writing supply the ethereal mortar.


Anonymous said...

Great to see this in here, Steve. Excellent piece.

Josh Converse said...

NIce job, Steve, if I do declare so myself.

Steve said...

Thanks, Carrie. I tried to keep the adjectives at bay. I guess it paid off.

Josh. Cheers mate. Glad you enjoyed it.

Christopher Pimental said...

Dig it. Says a lot in few words.