A Distant Goodbye by Brian J. Smith

Dear Stella,

I know you’re pissed; you have every right to be. I said I love you and I still do but I did what I had to do. I promised you an even split, fifty-fifty, straight down the middle. You got to admit though, two hundred and fifty thousand dollars is a nice chunk of change. Remember when we first got together to organize this little thing; I remember it like it was yesterday.

You waited like you always did, like you said. I sat in my apartment down the hall, waiting for you to call and when you did I ran down that hallway as fast as I could and took you in my arms and kissed you all over. Then I carried you to bed and we finished each other off, our bodies drenched in sweat. You looked over at me with those hypnotic blue eyes of yours, and told me that if I wanted to see you again I had to do it.

We arranged it from point A to point B and didn’t break a sweat---at least until after Round Two.

After the initial killing, it killed me to have to stay away; but that was what we agreed on. I laid up every night and cried myself to sleep I missed you so much. It wasn’t just the sex that I missed, it was you. I missed being with you. I missed caressing your smooth tan skin, raking my hand through your long blonde hair. And the way the sun glinted off your glasses every time I walked into your apartment. How could I forget that?

I was gonna stick to my part of the deal. Then I got to thinking that if anybody deserved the money, it was me. I pulled the trigger and shot your husband. Besides, I’m gonna have to lay low until the heat dies down and nothing in Cuba is free. No hard feelings, I hope.

You understand, don’t you?



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Anonymous said...

I always love the ones that have the diffrent formats. It's fresh. And refreshing!