Under My Wheels by Randall W. Pretzer

You needed to grab someone by the balls to get them to care about shit. You never lived without being on the edge. You had to know it to live it. They were going to know it. They were all going to know it soon.

My alarm clock read 9 am. It was time. The moment of truth. I had everything ready. It was time for the world to wake up.

I got dressed. I didn't bother with anything else. It didn't matter anyway. I just needed to have some clothes on so the cops wouldn't pick me up. I gathered up my supplies. I walked outside of my apartment and didn't even bother to lock the door. I went out in the middle of the parking area in front of my apartment. I set down my supplies and raised up arms. I did my best to emulate Jesus Christ on the cross.
"Wake up, America. You will know. The world will never be the same." I screamed at the top of my lungs. I waited for the neighbors to come out. I saw ten minutes leave and there was nothing. It was silence. I felt alone. It was time, I thought. I headed to my car, unlocked the trunk and put my supplies in there. I started the car and headed out of the parking lot. I was suppose to have been at work at 7 am but there were some things that just superceded others. This was one of them and I had to laugh at myself about it.

It was about 10 am when I arrived at my place of employment. I parked on the first floor of the parking garage which was in front of one of the entrances to my place of employment. The parking area was vacant. It was strange for the first floor contained the most desirable parking. It worked to my advantage. There was no one around. I got out of the car, popped the trunk and took out my supplies. I shut the trunk and locked up my car. The employees and the customers who were there looked at me once I walked in but I didn't care. I was on a mission. The most important road to destiny. The time was near. I stopped in the middle of the store.

Some customers stopped to look at me and others just kept walking by. They would soon not be able to ignore me. I threw my supplies down to the floor in front of me and I tore off all of my clothes. I tossed them in all directions. Now, the customers and employees stopped what they were doing to look at me. I came down on my supplies.
"Fuck me like a tornado, you bitch. I want you to fuck me like you never fucked anyone before!" I screamed at the top of my lungs and I heard customers talking.

"He is insane." One said.

"He is fucking a sex doll…in the middle of…."

"Jesus christ…." One interrupted the other.

I didn't care. She was mine. She was all mine. The only woman in my life. My love. My dream come true.

"Fuck me harder. Harder." I yelled and yelled over and over again. I would pause to hear the customers and employees.

"What a sick fuck." One said.

"Who talks like that when they are making love?"

"My wife and I are usually quiet."

"I just say I need a little something and we go."

I put my dick to her mouth. My lovely little muffin.

"Suck it, bitch. Suck it. Suck me!" I yelled as loud as I could only to stop to hear the customers one more time.

"This guy is pathetic. Do you know of anyone who talks like that?"

"He is a virgin probably…."

"That is a given…"

I had enough. I got up off of her and I pulled out a knife. Everyone backed away and some screamed. I came down again on her and split her open from the head to the vagina. I reached down inside her and pulled out my AK-47. I pulled the trigger and just spun around firing randomly at everyone in site. I saw some fall instantly, some got away and others tried to charge ate me but they succumbed. I couldn't believe I had made it this far. Where was security? Why didn't someone report me? It was all to my advantage as I kept firing and watching the bodies pile up in front of me. I fired until the cartridge was empty. I looked around and saw no one. The ones left were corpses or would soon be dead. There were some racks laying on the floor completely slain and the clothes were torn to shreds. It was the most beautiful site in the world. Who would have thought I would make it this far and still be alive? I put my AK-47 back into the sex doll and I walked out of the store.

I looked around for anyone once I was outside. There should have been some cops or some form of security. I couldn't believe what I saw instead. There was nothing. It was just another day. The customers and employees had left. They didn't notify anyone. How strange? What was going on? Was it a trap? A trick? I didn't care to find out. I rushed to my car and popped the trunk. I threw the doll and AK-47 in there. I closed the trunk and got in the car. I hit the gas. I know I gave the old saying 'put the petal to the medal' a new meaning. I saw some of the customers and employees from the place I worked running like a stampede of elephants. I ran over a few for some were in my way. A few bodies flew on top of my hood and I felt some of them under my wheels. I put in an Alice Cooper compact disc and set it to that song, "Under My Wheels." I was 18 as Alice Cooper sang and I didn't know what I wanted.

I got back to writing short stories in 2006 and I write a variety of stuff but I
never can classify it. I have written one or two science fiction stories and one
or two horror stories but I mostly specialize in stories that can not be
classified but my most recent work could be considered what they called pulp
fiction or what former magazines such as Black Mask, Dime Detective, Argosy and
several others. I live in Texas and work at a department.

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Anonymous said...

...Dude, destructive angst never solves real life problems...get a decent paying job, find a nice girl to get laid regularly with, get analysis if necessary, plan for your future before life becomes reality like your stories...insane, looping back on your past, and get better friends who don't criticize your stories...OOPS!!...guess that'd be me. YIKES!! I'm not bullet proof!!