Archives are being reworked, as we now have an overwhelming amount of stories in our catalogs.

New stories coming right up! Apologies for the overdue update.

If you have not heard back from me about your stories, it's because I'm backed up on them to about early July. I try to keep my response times low, and will do all I can to keep them as low as possible.


bradleycarroll said...

Have I ever told you how much I thoroughly enjoy this blog? I'm not just sayin' that because you published me. I read every story on here.

When I finally put down the bottle and started to write seriously (i.e. every day, or at least just about), I started with flash fiction and I tried to write for your online mag.

I gained a lot of confidence and really learned how to tell a story along the way. These days, I've got a couple of stories I'm actually not ashamed to show.

Also I like the sleaze.

Thula7 said...

What I have found interesting about your archive is that you have one of my stories on there twice and the second, more recent offer isn't on there at all, and it received a few positive comments. It is still there, as my link still connects, it just isn't on the archive list. Just sayin'.

Rey A. Gonzalez said...

I know, Thula. I'm working on fixing that.