So I've spent the last week since I posted the last story going through the backlog of submissions and tuning things to my liking. I've got some stuff in the can and I think we're ready to roll forward. I'm not sure what you guys came to expect from the FFO as far as a publication schedule, but here's what you're going to get from me. I will publish one story a week, every Monday to get your week started off with a bang. I've got the next four in the can that are going to knock your teeth out. If I get to the point where I've got more great stories than I can publish every week, this policy may change. But for now I'm going for quality over quantity.

So look back here Monday for the next great story and tell all your friends. Maybe even your enemies. See if you can use it as bait or something for a trap.


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Christopher Pimental said...

Bryon, what's up? Was expecting a new post yesterday...