I just want to take this opportunity to apologise for the lack of activity on the magazine for the past week.  Family and work commitments have taken up most of my time.

Since submissions were opened just over a week ago I've had around 20 stories sent to me, which is pretty amazing.  I'm slowly getting through them and will be responding as soon as possible. 

The thing is, I go away on Thursday for just over 2 weeks.  I will have no Internet connection where we're going so I won't be able to read any stories that are sent in. (Unless they offer me free wi-fi while I'm on holiday as O2 will be charging over £3 per megabyte of download if I use my phone.  Yeah, fuck that!)

I will schedule a few stories to go up while I'm away so please stop by to read and leave comments.  Any stories sent in over that period will be read and responded to as soon as is possible when we get home.

I fully appreciate your understanding and your loyalty to a mag that I'm trying to make better and better.  Respect to each and every one of you.

There will be a new story going up tomorrow so please stop by.


David - Editor.


Paul Salvette said...

Thanks, David. Can't wait to see some of the new stories.

Groovydaz40 said...

No worries Dave. You do a great job as a labour of love and for free. I for one appreciate it. Enjoy your holidays too!