It's Happened Again.


Yes, you guys have been busy in the writing world.  I'd promised to get a response back to you within 2 weeks but due to our holiday and my work commitments I've been struggling for time.

Therefore, I'm closing submissions for a short time so I can get through the 38 stories I have in the inbox, and start publishing the 9 I've already accepted.  I'm going to try and get through the the inbox over the next few days, so if you have one in there you should have a response by the end of the week.

In hindsight I probably should have left the subs closed until after my hols but I couldn't risk missing out on the quality and entertaining stories you guys send my way.

Also, this is just a thought, in the submission guidelines it describes the kinds of stories I'm looking for.  Well, I'm quite partial to a bit of a horror/ghost long as they have the shock factor. 

Thank you!  You guys are fantastic and your support for both the magazine and myself is very much appreciated.

David - Editor.

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Jaie D. Maclane said...

Horror/ghost stories? *grins* That's welcome news.