Just a brief post to let you know what's upcoming on the site.

I've got some great stories to publish over the next month or so, including TWO Guest Writers this month: Glenn G Gray and Lily Childs.

There's a bit of a promotional push tomorrow night with a story from A.J. Hayes.  Pop back then to see what it's all about.  It's something new and also something that could become a regular spot.......we'll see.

For all that have had their stories accepted, please be patient.  I was absolutely inundated with fantastic stories and the wait for publication is working out to be longer than first thought.  On that note, SUBMISSIONS will be closed for a little longer.  Keep an eye out for them re-opening.

On a personal note, I received an email from Ron Brown.  His story, Finger Lickin' Good, appeared on the site a few weeks ago.  (If you missed it click here.)

Here's the email:


I've been meaning to tell you something. When I sent you Finger Lickin' Good, it was the first thing I'd submitted in a decade. Really the first thing I'd even finished writing in that long. I didn't know if anyone would like it. When you accepted it, it was like a weight jumped off me.

I started writing a novella the next day. That's the work that Brian accepted at snubnose. Without that acceptance, I'm not sure I'd have written in.

Just wanted to say thanks, and thanks for keeping the zine going and having a place where people can write something, and get it seen. It let's people know that someone out there likes what they write.



The reasons I'm posting this are: I'm really chuffed for Ron that he has had some good fortune with his novella AND it's not everyday someone you don't really know pats you on the back and gives you "heartfelt thanks".  It makes doing this all the more worthwhile.

Thank YOU, Ron.

Also, a bit of "self-promotion" to end with.  I recently had my story, Best Mates and Lovers, published over at Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers.  If you missed it, click here.  Hope you like it.

Right, pop back tomorrow for another great story!


David - Editor.


Chris Rhatigan said...

That's why the online writing community is so great -- the support everyone provides for each other is crucial in this otherwise lonely pursuit.

David Barber said...

You're not wrong, Chris. Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Glad I could the voice of what I am sure are so many others who appreciate the effort you put in. It really meant a lot to me. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Best Mates and Lovers is gorgeous. Like I said on site. Hard to get the rug pulled out from under you when you're already on the floor but BM&L manages to do that effortlessly. I agree with the sentiments above wholeheartedly.

David Barber said...

Ron & AJ - Thanks for the continued support. Appreciate it!

Lily Childs said...

Great to hear such good news from Ron; TFFO is a wonderful showcase for writers with an editor and community that provides genuine support and encouragement, not to mention inspiration.

Good on ya, Ron. And huge thanks to David.

David Barber said...

Thanks, Lily. At the end of the day, a mag is only as good as the writing it showcases. Another fine hangout for great writing is Thrillers, Killers 'n' Chillers, of which you know already.

Thank you!