Just to let you know what the current situation is with the magazine.

Emails will be going out over the weekend, with publishing dates, to all writers who have been accepted.

I still have some submissions in the inbox and writers will also be getting a response over the weekend.

PLEASE NOTE.  Any future submissions that do no adhere to the Submission Guidelines will be sent back to the writer without being read.  I don't ask for much and am more than willing to help with most things BUT no indenting and single line breaks between paragraphs actually means no indenting and single line breaks between paragraphs.  A line of dialogue should be classed as a paragraph.  They're easy enough to read but re-formatting just takes up way too much time.

Help me and I'll help you.

Keep an eye out for new stories.


David - Editor.


Pete said...

That's me fucked then. I don't even know what that means, lol. :) JULIEEEEEEEEEEE!?

David Barber said...