Okay, follow these guidelines and you get your story read. Follow them carefully and you’ve got a great chance of being published.

I’m looking for the kind of stories you tell when you're with your pals down at the bar, knocking back your thirteenth beer. Blood ‘n’ guts, sex ‘n’ violence. The bank job that goes wrong: the drug deal that turns nasty: the beautiful lap-dancer who turns out to have a bigger cock than you. You get the drift.

You have a story that involves kids, then make sure it’s the kids coming out on top! Child abuse in any form is not what I’m after: keep that shit in your own heads!

Ever read Out of the Gutter Magazine? You should. Taking a peek into those sticky pages will give you a perfect idea of what I need. Or simply take a look at the stories already published.

Flash fiction is a quick punch to the jaw. Give me stories under 1,000 words. You send me something too long, I'll still take the time to read it and perhaps we can work something out. If not, I'll send it back or pass it on to Out of the Gutter Magazine, who pays my rent, if OOTG is taking submissions at the time.

Any submission that's accepted will be a contender to be in the next issue of Out of the Gutter Magazine. So show me something good.

Hit me fast, hit me hard.

Say hello, I don't bite.  Don't send stories on a blank email and expect me to read them.   Hey, I do this for free and because I enjoy it. Show me a little respect and you’ll get some back. Manners cost nothing. Online magazines are the stepping stones to the bigger picture.  You send a novel to an agent without a query letter then that novel will be going straight in the shredder.  Good practice starts here!

Please, NO simultaneous submissions.  I don't want to accept a story and see it published on another site at the same time.  Previously published stories are fine, as long as they've not been published within the past 6 months.

Expect a response within 2-4 weeks.  (This magazine gets busy when sub's are open so if you've not heard back within 4 weeks, please feel free to give me a nudge.  I don't bite.)

Send all submissions here.

Be sure to list the title and author name at the top of the story. Single space your work and DO NOT indent paragraphs. Put one line space between paragraphs.

Be sure to include a short bio at the end of your story.

A new addition to the game, I’m going to be doing a regular Guest Writer spot. If you get an email from me then that will be your invitation to write a story for the mag. You’ll get extra words, up to 2000 (ish), and your bio will be a bit more in depth. I’ll even post your photo, unless you’ve only got a face for radio.

Bring it on people!!

David - Editor.