Updates and Projects

To our many talented writers,

If you have a link that I have not posted on our Links page, please let me know it and I'll update it. The Links page has been a much neglected page.

Archives page will be updated shortly.

Also: Anyone good with Myspace? I've been promised repeatedly by someone that they were going to get the Flash Fiction Offensive Myspace page really going, but that's never seemed to happen and I'm an extremely busy man with lots of important stuff to do. Seriously, I have a day job. If you or anyone you know is reliable and dedicated enough, I'd like to enlist your help on this project. Please contact me via the same email you'd use to submit stories and we'll discuss this further.


matthewquinnmartin said...

thanks for having us

Paul D Brazill said...

it's a great zine. Good to be here!