Submissions are going to be closed for the next couple of weeks.  I'm going to be out of the country for just over a week (A much needed family break to the Canary Islands) and I don't want to come back all refreshed to an even busier in-box than there is now.

I will still be publishing stories - and there are some fine ones coming up.

I hope you all understand and I appreciate your continued support.



AJ Hayes said...

Enjoy yourself mate. Drink a few rums -- and watch out for those CoCo Locos.

Chris Alliniotte said...

Get some sun - you & the fam deserve it!

(And take some snaps!)

Graham Smith said...

Have a great holiday mate.

David Barber said...

Thanks guys. Appreciate it!

Bill Baber said...

good for you david- enjoy!!

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