Guidelines and Submission Form
Excellent pulp writer's resource at the newly-launched Out of the Gutter Online. The Flash Fiction Offensive has made the move and will publish there from now on, but this site, and the incredible archive built up over the past 2.5 years, will remain, with some of the greatest hits being periodically highlighted as "Yellow Pellets" is being featured right now.

The heroic David Barber has handed off flash fiction editorship to his comrade, the fearless Joe Clifford. Do Joe a favor and give him your toughest, smartest work so he can hit the ground running and make the new Flash Fiction Offensive a great place for up-and-comers and proven heavy-hitters to hone their skills and get valuable feedback.

Out of the Gutter Online will also feature regular reviews from "Girl in the Gutter" and John Jasper Owens, the usual off-color Gutter laughs, and a short fiction department to compliment TFFO, edited by Court Merrigan.

Guidelines and Submission Form
Once it's underway the Bareknuckles Pulp Fiction Department will publish one story per week between 1,000 and 3,000 words, and you know what we want: "well-written, fucked up stuff." If you need that clarified, go here. Court is reading subs right now and welcomes your contribution.

And, as if that's not too much already, there will also be a "Big Story" feature, edited by Matt Louis. Details on that coming soon.

And, if you can handle more, the material published at Out of the Gutter Online will be distilled down to the hard core of grit and pulp with the essential pieces of writing put out as regular print and ebook volumes. All contributors are eligible for this incomparable honor, so step up and get involved.

And, if you're completely insatiable, look for a contest or two to be announced this week. Something to do with skulls and brains....


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