You Guys Are Too Much...In A Fantastic Way!


This is just a very temporary thing, but I'm going to have to close Submissions again for a short period.

You guys are amazing and your stories are blowing me away.  At the moment I have a backlog of about 12 great stories that are due to be published and a few more in the inbox.

I'm a sole man, da da da da da da da da!  Sorry, couldn't resist.  I do this on my own and I don't want writers waiting for weeks to see their stories published, so I hope you understand.

I'll open them up again in a few weeks when things have calmed down.

Thanks a lot.

David - Editor.


Thula7 said...

Aw, and just when I had a good one for you. I'll be watching for you open up again.

David Barber said...

Thula7 - keep hold of it. I'll be open sooner rather than later!

J.D. Maclane said...

This publication is worth the weeks of waiting. I truly love it here. Keep up the sweet work Mr. Barber!