The time has come to say goodbye...................not to you guys but to the UK for two weeks!

I wouldn't do that to you!

Since we had our daughters, they're 7 & 5,  we've had 2 short holidays topped by a huge change of lifestyle by moving up to Scotland.  Yes, we've had a few short breaks but nothing is finer than a good 2 week holiday in the sun.  No work, no deadlines, no checking the clock etc, etc.

So, tomorrow we head down to Manchester for a couple of days before flying over to Bordeaux for a couple of weeks on the West coast of France.  A much needed break for my wife and myself.  Reading, and some writing, will be done.

Therefore, there will be no stories published while I'm away.  At this moment in time I don't trust Blogger enough to "schedule" posts.  I've got a good few stories in the inbox, a few I have responded to but some that I haven't.  If you could just bear with me I will be in touch as soon as possible.  Your patience means a lot!

OK. There's a great piece from Jimmy Callaway going up tomorrow but that will be it while I'm away.

There are always some great stories to be read in the archives, so if you missed one you can catch up with them there.  

A tout a l'heure, my friends.

David - Editor.


Paul D. Brazill said...


Get some of that red lager in you,then.

Cheap as rags round there.

Don't mention ...anyway, have a good un,mate!

Ron Scheer said...

How lucky for you that France is so close. I'll be here still knee-deep in envy when you return. Bon voyage.

Chris Rhatigan said...

Have a great time in France! Looking forward to that Callaway piece.

Bill Baber said...

good for you!! have fun....

Col Bury said...

And here's my little family looking forward to our holiday at your house in Scotland! You really need a holiday, living there? :-)

Have a good un, mate. Love to the girls.

Safe trip,

Ps. If you're in Manchester on Thursday night 'n' have a spare half hour, then gimme a bell 'n' we can catch up, over a pint of course.

Glenn Gray said...