I have decided to close submissions for a few weeks over the festive period and New Year.  I have been inundated with stories again and I have a lot that I still haven't managed to read due to family and work commitments.  This time of year is always busy and when you're self-employed and want some time off over Christmas, you have to work hard to cover your days off.  I hope you all understand.

Stories received after today's date will be returned unread and you can submit them again when submissions re-open.

All stories in the in-box will still be considered for publication and I will be in contact over the next few days.

All stories that have been accepted will be published as and when.  I'll send a brief email with dates.

Thanks for your understanding and continued support.

David - Editor.


Chris P. said...

Thanks for all, David. Warmest, Chris.

Benjamin Sobieck said...

Enjoy your holiday, David!

Joe Clifford said...

Brother, I don't know how you get through all you do. But we appreciate it! Rest up and enjoy you're Holiday.

Col Bury said...

Fully understand, mate. You do a crackin' job here. Second to none.