Archives III

The Outlaw Marshal by Edward A. Grainger.

Angels With Guns By David Harry Moss.

First Shot By Sebastian Flynn.

The Wrong Saloon by Mike Miner.

Mutant Powers by Lauren Lavin

Plus Twenty by Steve Prusky

Cold Revenge by Sandra S. Corona

Misogynistic Tripe...You Stupid Bitch by Phil Beloin Jr.

Choppers by Matthew C. Funk.

Two Burgers with Fries and Coke by Erin Cole.

Do Unto Buzz by Jim Harrington.

Cold Storage by Michael J. Solender.

A Visit From Mr. Spike by Jesse Lee.

A Message from Arcon by Andrew Dawson.

How to Survive by Richard W. Carr II.

Alexa and the Japs by Daniel Beaudoin.

10 Drunk People in a House (rerun) by Benjamin Sobieck.

The Ballad of Snake Bit Jimmy by Kurt Newton.

The Expired Meter by Stephen Obler.

Burning Nostrils by Cory Bennet.

Cross Country by Bill Baber.

Game Time by Liam Sweeney.

Ashes to Ashes by Dana C. Kabel.

Heisting Miss October by Chris Allinotte.

Grooving by Danny Johnson.

A Paradise Where Roses Bloom by Kenneth Pobo.

Bloody Knuckles by Shannon Barber.

Are We Singular Or Plural? By Doug Ordunio.

A Decent Man By Kieran Shea.

The Same by Stephen Obler.

That Would Be The Moral by Johnny Wolowitz.

Judas Wrote a Blank Check by Jake Disch.

Deep in the Throat of Texas by Mitchell Kelly.

Portraits of Detroit: Wylie Edwards by Patricia Abbott.

We Need Blood Here by Charlie Wade.

What an Ass by Eugene Bruns.

The Spanish Lesson by Kieran Shea.

12 Cabins, 11 Vacancies by Phil Beloin.

What's a Father to do? by Jim Harrington.

Sergio Santiago's Right Hand by W.J. Nunnery.

Consideration by Ian Ayris.

The Dead Rug by Garrett Ashley.

Use the Pillow by Benjamin Sobieck.

Double Trouble by Charlie Wade.

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